Through its operations arm, Aveng Engineering provides clients with comprehensive solutions over short or long term periods to build and/ or own and/or operate processing plants. The business was formed in 1991 and currently has eight outsourced Operation & Maintenance contracts and two management assistance contracts, having successfully completed a further thirteen.

Aveng Engineering offers both innovative technical and commercial solutions to individual projects. We customise our solutions to ensure value is added by negotiating each contract to obtain the best fit for all parties, whether the construction and commissioning of a process plant has been executed by Aveng Engineering or others.

We are differentiated by our track record in build and/or own and/or operate processing plants combined with the ability to assume the appropriate risk. We have developed our own model of contracting which effectively aligns partners in the short and long term.

Aveng Engineering Ops are prepared to provide guarantees in terms of our Safety, Health and Environmental performance, plant throughput, operating costs and even process efficiencies via suitable penalty or incentive systems.

  • Aveng Engineering Ops, as part of the Aveng Group, has a BBBEE rating as a Level 3 Contributor Qakazana, a broad based black economic empowerment company (including the Tiso Group and a Woman’s Group) currently has a 25% shareholding in Aveng Engineering.
  • Aveng Engineering Ops obtained OHSAS 18001 certification for three of its O & M sites in 2009 and is also included in the Aveng Engineering Company certificate which was obtained in December 2010.
  • In addition to Operation & Maintenance contracts, Aveng Engineering Ops also provides consulting services, including managing plant refurbishments, to other operations, both within South Africa and across the African continent.