Aveng Engineering, provides Project Development, Project Management, Engineering and Construction Management Services. It is a skills intensive organisation with highly qualified and experienced technical and managerial staff.

It drives EPC or EPCM solutions for utilities, independent power producers, co-generation operations, waste to energy operations, Original Equipment Manufacturer suppliers (OEM’s) and other major engineering companies in the power generation and the renewable energy sectors.

Most Co-generation and Waste to Energy projects require integrated solutions of existing processes while maintaining the original intent of the industrial complex, thus requiring thorough understanding of the business and process plant for optimisation before implementation.

The Power & Energy team has the capability to investigate, advise and implement integrated solutions as well as broad experience in optimising and incorporating the most suitable or specialist technology to fulfil specific project needs. The team also engineer, design and procure materials handling and balance of plant systems in-house.

Operating Groups within the Aveng Group as well as divisions within Aveng Engineering compliment the Power & Energy Division to assist clients in identifying value add to their existing industrial processes and plants to reduce environmentally hazardous emissions which could also have carbon credit advantages as an additional benefit.

  • The Operations Division operates and maintains various types of plants, with major international companies, on a Build, Own & Operate basis in compliance with OHSAS 18001.
  • Aveng Water, in addition to waste water treatment, provides well established process technology for condensate cleaning and make up water production.
  • In the Nuclear arena, Aveng Engineering's Power & Energy Division can execute packages for balance of plant systems and engineer solutions to maximise local content.


It is part of Aveng’s long term strategy to develop renewable power projects.
The Power & Energy Division of Aveng Engineering can execute Wind, Photo Voltaic (PV) and Concentrated Solar

Power (CSP) projects on an EPC or EPCM basis with OEM’s. Aveng Engineering will source the optimum core technology from international OEMs and specialists with the engineering and supply of the balance of plant services and the site infrastructure being undertaken in-house.

Aveng was involved with the construction of the 90 MW ‘Te Apiti Wind Farm’, currently the largest wind farm in New Zealand and in the Southern Hemisphere.